New frontiers of in vitro diagnostics

New frontiers of in vitro diagnostics

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Some ideas on diagnostics and management of a company in the field of IVD.

What we do

To ensure the highest quality of the products offered, B-Diagnostics combines a R&D activity of innovative tests with the distribution of excellent products developed by other companies at the forefront of the technological frontier.


B-Diagnostics has a unique goal: the quality of all its diagnostics systems. A quality product is not only a good item or a mere attempt to comply with standards nor in doing better than the competition.

Our goals

To invest in research and in the continuous study of always new and innovative solutions.

To improve oneself day-by-day with the knowledge that there is always room for improvement.

To focus on the patient and his well-being.


Products and services

In addition to the goal of profit, B-Diagnostics aims at creating positive externalities towards the community of patients, through the design and the distribution of diagnostic tests that are innovative, accurate, simple, affordable and rapid.

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