Some ideas on diagnostics and management of a company in the field of IVD.

The new rules of r&d, production and leadership

In R&D, speed counts first; all innovations have become short-term: think about how much time a new mobile phone model or car model stays on the market. Long cycles are a luxury that companies can no longer afford; speed is a condition for the survival of companies.

The in vitro diagnostics strategies of the 21st century

The small and medium-sized enterprise that today intends to operate in the in-vitro diagnostics segment must think about a different business model compared to the traditional enterprise, founded according to the logic of the last century: a business model that allows it to have, for the same amount of output and efficiency, less need for personnel and capital.

Learn the taiwan lesson in the fight against covid

A recent article (DJ Summers, DH-Y. Cheng, PH-H. Lin et al., Potential lessons from the Taiwan and New Zealand health responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific) contains interesting ideas for designing an effective response against the current COVID pandemic, as well as for rethinking national plans in the event of new future pandemics, which could be even more severe than the one we are experiencing.